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A Phase 1 Environmental Survey (Desk Study) is frequently requested at pre-aquisition stage to support re-development proposals and identify potential abnormal costs, to inform land valuations for sale or re-financing of existing properties, and to inform ground investigation works.

The Phase One - Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

An essential first stage in the investigation process and a pre-requisite in the planning process and the NHBC Land Quality Initial Assessment (Chapter 4.1). Our desk study reports include a proper risk assessment and, where required, guidelines for subsequent ground investigation. A walkover survey is a vital part of the desk study process and is carried out by one of our engineers. We will also, where appropriate, discuss the site with the Local Authority to obtain local information on ground conditions and possible contamination problems.

Desk Studies review and assess all available source data including:

      • Site History
      • Geology and Hydrogeology
      • Land Use
      • Sources of Contamination

GSSurveys offer a fast, flexible service for developers and land agents with an understanding of the development process such that we do not waste time and money carrying out unnecessary searches; conversely we are able to identify the need for special searches on particular sites, such as searches of coal mining, chalk cavity or petroleum records.


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