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EVENT SUPPORT SERVICES bring their wide experience in the field of geotechnics together with experienced concert and festival organisers to supply support services to event organisers and installers of temporary structures.

Site Appraisal

Field Testing - ground bearing capacity and stability to support large temporary structures, such as grandstands and large marquees which generate high point loadings.

MUTA Codes of Practice state that anchors are critical to the stability and safety of tents. The pull out force that an anchorage stake can withstand depends on the type of soil

Topographical Surveys - detailed survey of proposed site for planning layouts, licensing applications, siting of structures, audio mapping, health and safety plans. Provision of CAD drawings

Sub-surface scanning - mapping and locating buried services such as electricity cables, water pipes, drains etc. to avoid damage from temporary ground anchors, marquee pins, etc.

MUTA Codes of Practice state that The location of any underground services must be identified and clearly marked before any ground penetration operation...... It may be necessary to perform an underground scan of the site area where penetration is planned.

Temporary Earthworks - excavation of drainage ditiches, site preparation, leveling, access roads

Noise Testing

Independent pre-event / concert noise assessments, noise level monitoring at rehearesal and during live events to ensure compliance with particulars of licensing


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